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Technology Requirements


                      What is Needed

  • Videoconferencing system (e.g. Google  Meet or Skype) at front of room to interact with Chief Medical Officer.

  • LCD projector and screen for use with videoconferencing equipment

  • 3 computers per team plus 1 for speaking with Chief Medical Officer. Here are the total number of computers needed for missions with different numbers of teams:

                          # of Teams                  # of computers

                                  1                                 3+1 = 4

                                  2                                 6+1 = 7

                                  3                                 9+1 = 10

                                  4                               12+1 = 13

                                  5                               15+1 = 16

  • Please Note: If using all 5 teams, the mission will require the use of 16 computers.

  • Network/Internet connection for all computers


All computers must be connected to the Internet and use the latest version of Chrome. All required software is specified below.) Each computer should have a minimum of 1 GB Ram.  Chromebooks work best with 4 GB ram.

  • The videoconferencing system permits the Chief Medical Officer to see and talk to the students and for them to see and talk to her during the mission. 

  • The videoconferencing system can be a dedicated videoconference unit such as Polycom or Tandberg, or a computer equipped with a webcam, a microphone, speakers, and videoconferencing software such as Skype or Google Meet.

  • If you have a standalone videoconferencing system you have to make sure it is connected using IP. If you are using ISDN lines we’ll require a bridging system.

  • If you have a computer-based videoconferencing system, and the computer is a Mac or PC, you can install Skype or Google Meet (free) from the Internet.

Connection Procedures

  • H.323 IP Videoconference System: You will receive the IP number from the Challenger Learning Center at the beginning of your mission – enter it into your videoconferencing system and dial in at 384 kb.

  • For help in installation and setup of Skype or Google Meet contact the Challenger Chief Flight Director, Laura Ondeck. ​


Technical Questions

If you have any questions please contact our Chief Flight Director Laura Ondeck at: or 304-243-2029 .

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