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Physicians and Surgeons

 In the section below, you will find information on the following careers: 

                    Allergist                         Pharmacist 

                    Anestheisiologist           Physician and Surgeon

                    Audiologist                     Psychologist

                    Dentist                           Veterinarian



   Do you or someone you know have an allergy? If so,

you may have been to an allergist—a doctor who

specializes in the treatment of allergies. Finding out

what you are allergic to and what you can do to treat

your allergy can go a long way to helping you feel


Image: A patient receives allergy testing.


What They Do: An allergist is a medical doctor with a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases or conditions. For example, dermatitis, hives, chronic coughs, chronic sinus infections, food allergies, and bee stings are often conditions that cause an allergic response in the body.

                                        An allergist takes a detailed history of patient symptoms                                            and diagnoses possible allergies. Tests identify specific                                              allergies. Skin tests will show whether or not someone                                                has a reaction to a possible allergen.


                                        Image: Skin testing on  the arm. http://wiki/Skin_prick_test


Education: An allergist is a medical doctor with specialized training. To become an allergist, one needs a college degree in a science-related field and a medical school degree (4 years). An additional residency program in allergy and immunology is required.

Allergists and immunologists must also pass a certification test to be licensed.

Salary: Most allergists earn between $194,042 and $247,988 per year, but some earn even more!



   You may have been cared for by an anesthesiologist

and not even know it!  If you have had surgery that

required you to be put to sleep through it, you have

been cared for by an anesthesiologist.

Anesthesiologists are doctors who care for patients

during surgical procedures.

What They Do:  Anesthesiologists use pain-killing drugs and drugs that make a patient unconscious during surgery. They monitor a patient’s vital signs (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and breathing) and also work outside of surgery in intensive care and for patients in labor and delivery of babies.

   Patients with certain health conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, need careful monitoring during surgery. Complications could be life-threatening.

After the surgery, anesthesiologists provides medications to reverse the effects of the drugs that put the patient to sleep.


Education/Training: An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor with specialized training. An anesthesiologist has a 4 year college degree, a 4 year medical school degree, and an additional program to specialize. They also must take a national exam to be certified.


Salary: The average wage for anesthesiologists is about $208,000. This may vary slightly by region of the country.


   Do you know someone with a hearing problem? 

Maybe a friend or a relative who cannot hear that well

any more. Have you ever wondered how the doctor tests

their hearing or how a hearing aid can allow people to



Maybe a career as an audiologist is for you!  Read on to find out more about audiology.

What they do: Audiologists examine patients who have hearing and balance problems. They diagnose hearing problems and determine the treatment that will best help the patient. Audiologists prescribe and fit hearing aids, help patients and their families learn ways to listen and communicate with a hearing loss.


                                                  Education/Training: Audiologists must have a                                                              Ph.D (an advanced degree) that usually takes 4                                                          years after completing a bachelor’s degree (an                                                            undergraduate college degree). Coursework to                                                            become an audiologist includes anatomy, physics                                                        genetics, communication development studies, and   ethics. Clinical practice is also a part of the course of study.

All states require audiologist to be licensed; requirements vary by state.


Salary: The average wage for audiologist is $77,600

per year. The lowest 10% earned less than $54,010

per year and the highest 10% earned more than

$120,750 per year.

   Wages vary depending on place of employment.

For example audiologists working in hospitals earn an average of $83,820 per year and those workingcardiovasclin doctors’ offices earn about $75,490 per year.



   Have you ever gone to the dentist and wondered how

she/he decided on that career? How did they learn so

much about how to fill a cavity, or pull a tooth?

Read on to find out more about being a dentist.

What They Do: Dentists check on the health of teeth and gums and they treat problems that may occur. They remove decay that may have built up on teeth and fill cavities. They take x-rays of teeth, gums and jawline and remove damaged teeth. They also make models and measurements for dentures.  

Education/Training: Dentists need a 3-4 year college degree in a science-related field and an advanced degree from a dental college. Dental schools include clinical training with patients. Dentists have pass a national exam in order to be licensed in the state in which they work.

Salary: The average wage for a dentist is $156,240 per year. This wage varies by region of the country and according to the dentist’s business. Some dentists earn more than $208,000 per year.


   Have you ever had your eyes examined and your

eyesight tested?  Maybe you needed glasses to

correct your eyesight. Were you interested in the

equipment she used or the medical instruments that

could measure your vision? Maybe you could be an


Read on to find out more about this career.

What They Do: Optometrists perform vision tests to diagnose sight problems and eye diseases. The prescribe eyeglasses and contact lens and perform minor surgeries to correct vision. They may also prescribe treatments for vision therapy or after eye surgery care.

   Optometrists promote good eye health by advising patients of the effects lifestyle habits, such as smoking may have on their vision.


                                                  Education/Training: Optometrists have a 4 year                                                            college degree and at least 3 years of study in a                                                          Doctor of Optometry program. Students often                                                              complete an additional 1 year program for more                                                          clinical training.


Salary: The average wage for an optometrist is $111,790, but this varies with place of employment. Optometrists working in their own office make about $120,320 while those working for the government earn about $96, 310.


   A pharmacist has an important job. He/she not only fills

prescriptions written by a doctor, but also helps people

understand how they should take the medication and

what possible side effects might be. They are an

important resource for people taking medicines that

improve their health.

Read on to find out what pharmacists do. Do you think you might like to be a pharmacist?

What They Do: Pharmacists fill prescription drugs for patients. They also advise doctors, patients and other healthcare professionals on medicines, side effects, doses, and possible interaction with other drugs.

   Some pharmacists also mix ingredients to form medications. Most pharmacists work in drugstores, hospitals, or clinics, but some work in research labs for drug manufacturers. Pharmacists can also give advice to patients on healthy lifestyle practices, diets, exercise, and stress management.  

   You probably already know it takes a lot of preparation to become a pharmacist, but it is a very rewarding career. Read on to find out more.


Education: Pharmacists must have an advanced degree in pharmacy. They complete three or more years at a college or university before moving on to a pharmacy program. These programs generally take 4 years to complete.

A license to practice pharmacy is required in all states.

Salary: The average wage for pharmacists is $126,120 per year. Salaries vary depending on the place of employment. Pharmacists who work in general retail stores earn $131,460 per year and those working in drug stores earn $124, 760.

Physician and Surgeon

   Of course, you know what physicians and surgeons 

do. You have been to a physician (doctor) and maybe

you have even had surgery.  You know how important

these careers are to helping people. Do you know there

are many different types of doctors and surgeons?

Read on to find out more!

What They Do: Physicians and surgeons treat patients to improve their health. They diagnose patient sicknesses, order testing, recommend treatment, and prescribe medicines. Surgeons perform surgeries to correct conditions that are causing illnesses.

   Physicians and surgeons often choose specialties in the fields of medicine. For example, pediatricians care for infants, children, and teenagers. Dermatologists treat skin conditions and orthopedists diagnose and treat conditions of the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.

   You probably already know it takes a lot of preparation to become a physician or surgeon, but many people find these are very rewarding careers. Read on to find out more.

Education: Physicians and surgeons need 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and 3-8 years of training after that. Students who want to become doctors should be good in science and math and should expect to take many classes in biology, chemistry and mathematics.

   In addition to graduating from medical school, doctors must pass an exam and be licensed by the state in which they work.

Salary: The average wage for physicians and surgeons is $208,000 per year, but wages vary greatly depending on their specialty. Surgeons earn about $255,110 per year, family doctors earn about $211,780 and pediatricians earn about $183, 240 per year.


   Have you ever known anyone who had problems

adjusting to changes in his life or maybe had issues

in his life that made him react in ways that were

causing him even more problems? He may benefit

from seeing and talking to a different kind of doctor—

a psychologist.

   If you are interested in helping people adjust to problems or concerns in their lives, you may want to become a psychologist. Read on to find out more.


What They Do:  Psychologists counsel patients to help them understand emotional and social issues that may be negatively affected their lives. They observe their patients to find out how they relate to other people and they help them to adjust their behavior or attitudes in order to improve their lives.


   Psychologists also develop educational and behavioral programs for schools, agencies, and workplaces that address psychological issues. They diagnose problems and develop treatment plans to help patients.

                                                      Education/Training:  Psychologists have a 4-year                                                        college degree in psychology or a related field                                                            and also a master’s degree or doctoral degree in                                                        psychology. Psychologists who work in                                                                        counseling at schools or health organizations                                                              also complete an internship as part of their                                                                  doctoral program.


Salary: The average salary for psychologists is $79, 010 per year, but this varies greatly by specialty and place of employment. Some psychologists earn more than $129,250 per year.


   Do you like animals? Do you like taking care of them?

Does helping animals with medical problems and

helping them feel better sound like a dream job?


Maybe becoming a veterinarian is the perfect career

for you!

What They Do: Veterinarians provide medical care to animals. They examine animals to diagnose health issues, perform tests, and vaccinate them against disease. They also use medical equipment such as x-ray machines and prescribe medications.

   Veterinarians treat all types of animals. They could have many different types of patients, including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, guinea pigs, gerbils, lizards, fish, turtles, and more! Veterinarians must be familiar with all types of animal health issues.


Education/Training: Veterinarians have a 4 year college degree in a science-related field and an additional 4 year degree in a veterinary program. All veterinarians must pass a national exam and be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the U.S.


Salary: The average salary for veterinarians is $93,830 per year. This varies by region of the country and by place of employment. Some veterinarians earn more than $162,450 per year.

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