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Extreme Heat Resources







Department of Homeland Security-FEMA-Know the Facts: Extreme Heat
Fact sheet about extreme heat events and what to do before, during and after an extreme heat emergency. Also links to other types of emergency situations.

Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC)—Extreme Heat
Lots of information on extreme heat weather conditions. Links to protecting vulnerable groups, such as athletes, people with chronic medical conditions, and infants and children from extreme heat.

CDC—About Extreme Heat

CDC—Hot Weather Tips

CDC—Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-related Illness

CDC—Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather!

CDC—Avoid, Spot, Treat—Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion
Tips to Beat the Heat, Spot symptoms, and how to Treat heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

CDC—Beat the Heat: Extreme Heat
Downloadable infographic with information about preventing heat-related deaths.

CDC-Extreme Heat and Athletes
Information about how athletes should stay safe in extreme heat weather conditions.

 FEMA—Extreme Heat
Lots of information about extreme heat                                                      weather conditions.


FEMA—Be Prepared for Extreme Heat—FactSheet


National Weather Service—Excessive Heat Awareness and Safety
Links to information about heat and weather and heat safety.

National Weather Service—Dangers of Heat
Lots of links to information about extreme heat.

National Weather Service—Heat Safety for Kids and Teens

National Weather Service—During a Heat Wave

National Weather Service—Beat the Heat: How to Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Hot Weather This Summer
A downloadable and printable poster

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