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                                      Volcano Resources



                        United States Geological Survey

                        (USGS-How Do Volcanoes Erupt?



NASA-NASA Science Space Place—What is

a Volcano?


                              Image: Mount St. Helens in Washington erupted on

                              May 18, 1980. USGS


Department of Homeland Security-FEMA-Know the Facts: Volcanoes
Facts about volcanoes, including what to do before, during and after volcanic events.

FEMA-Volcanoes Fact Sheet

Weather WizKids—Volcanoes
Lots of great information about how volcanoes form, different stages of volcanoes, why they erupt and much more!

San Diego State University-Stratovolcanoes—How Volcanoes Work
Information, diagrams and examples of stratovolcanoes.

San Diego State University-Shield Volcanoes—How Volcanoes Work
Information, diagrams and examples of shield volcanoes.

San Diego State University-Types of Volcanoes
Information and descriptive table on different types of volcanoes.

USGS-Lava Flows


Good information on volcanoes with

explanations and vocabulary.


                                                                                                       Image: Mauna Ulu eruption in Hawaii. USGS


National Geographic Kids—Volcanoes
Easy-to-read basic information about volcanoes. The site also has a slideshow with volcano pictures and a volcano video.






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large erupting volcano emitting large cloud of gas and ash
volcanoe emitting large amount of red lava into the sky
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