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Flood Resources


                 National Weather Service—Flood

 Safety Tips and Resources
Lots of links to information about flood safety.


Image: Hurricane Ivan flooding in Asheville, NC  Sept 2004.  Photo credit: Leif Skoogfors, FEMA


National Weather Service-Turn Around Don’t Drown
Information about how to stay safe in a flood. Links to Flood Safety, Flood Warning vs. Watch, Before a Flood, During a Flood, and After a Flood.

USGS—Where is Earth’s Water?
Lots of information and great graphics on Earth’s water, including links to the water cycle and water basic topics.


USGS—The Water Cycle for Schools-(for three levels)
Interactive diagram explaining the water cycle for beginner ages.

for intermediate ages:

for advanced ages:

USGS— Water Science Activity Center
An interactive site with activities that allows students to investigate water-related topics. Activities feature opinion surveys (What will be the world’s biggest water problem in the future?), Vote for your favorite water body, How serious are environmental problems? How would you fix the water crisis?)

Students can also answer questionnaires about their home drinking water quality and home water use. Students input their responses and receive information about how other people responded to the question.


Department of Homeland Security—

Floods: Know the Facts
Information about what to do before,

during and after a flood. Also links to

other types of disasters.

Image: Rescuers search for people stranded by flooding in downtown Kingfisher, OK. (Photo credit: FEMA)


Department of Homeland Security—Kids: Be Prepared, Build a Kit
Information on how to build a kit to be prepared in the event of an emergency situation that could involve loss of power.


Department of Homeland Security—Make A Plan
Information about how to make a family plan to increase safety during a disaster. Links to issues for different types of populations (individuals with disabilities, seniors, etc.), types of disasters, safety skills, and more.

Department of Homeland Security—Get Involved
Information about what people can do to get prepare for disasters. Links to many kinds of disaster resources.

Department of Homeland Security—You are the Help Until Help Arrives
Describes five simple steps that could save lives until help arrives.  Also link to a 30-minute video which describes what you can do in an emergency situation to help victims until help arrives.

FEMA—Build a Kit Game
Game for kids to build an emergency disaster kit. Go through different locations in the home and choose what you should take with you if you need to evacuate. Feedback lets you know what you may have done wrong and to try again.


WeatherWizKids—Flood Safety
Tips for staying safe in a flood. This site also has links to other types of severe weather conditions.


WeatherWizKids—Rain and Floods
Information about how rain and floods occur, including How does rain form?, What causes rain?, How big are raindrops?, How fast do raindrops fall?, What is a flood?, What is a flash flood?, How much water is needed for your car to float away? and more!





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