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Earthquake Resources

                    USGS—Earthquakes Hazards Program-

                    Earthquakes for Kids


                                                                     The San Andreas Fault zone, Central California. Photo: R.E. Wallace, USGS
USGS—Earthquake Hazards 101-the Basics
Check out this site for  lots of good basic information including what are earthquake hazards, what are hazard maps, how to read a hazard map, why use probabilistic ground motioning for hazard determination, why are there different maps and which one do you use, how is a hazard map made, and MORE!


USGS Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts
Aftershocks, foreshocks, asperity, divergent, normal fault, host and graben, blind thrust fault, strike-slip fault and MORE explained.


Earthquake Information by Region—Seismicity of the Earth maps 1900-2013








Image: S and P earthquake waves measured by a seismometer.


USGS Tsunami and Earthquake Research


Department of Homeland Security-FEMA-Earthquakes
Fact sheet about earthquakes and what it do before, during and after an earthquake. Also links to other types of disasters.

Ducksters Education Site—Science for Kids:  Earthquakes
Good general information about earthquakes for young students.


Weather WizKids—Earthquakes
Information about earthquakes, tectonic plates, epicenters, Richter scale, and safety tips.


FEMA—Earthquake Fact Sheet for Kids








Damage from an earthquake.


National Geographic Kids—Earthquakes


eSchool Today—Your Cool facts and Tips on Earthquakes


NASA Science Space Place: Explore Earth and Space!
Links to lots of information on different earth and space topics.


NASA—NASA Science Space Place—What is an Earthquake?

NASA—NASA Science Space Place—Tectonic Forces
Short video explains tectonic forces on Earth. Downloadable poster of the diagram in the animation.


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Large crack in the earth of the San Andreas fault in California.
graph reading of earthquake p and s waves on a seismograph
earthquake damage inside a house showing rubble resources-earthquakes-damage.jpg
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