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                                          Tsunami Resources

                           National Weather Service—

                           Tsunami Safety

National Weather Service—Tsunami Safety



USGS—Tsunami and Earthquake Research


USGS—Tsunamis: Could It Happen Here?


USGS—Life of a Tsunami


Department of Homeland Security-FEMA—Know the Facts: Tsunamis
Facts about tsunamis, including what to do before, during and after a tsunami. Also links to other types of natural disasters.


NASA-NASA Science Space Place-What Is a Tsunami?

National Geographic—Tsunamis
2:42 minute video about tsunamis. Great images and good explanation of what causes tsunamis.

Weather WizKids—Tsunami
Lots of great information about how tsunamis form, how often they occur, how fast they travel, how is a tsunami different from a wind-generated wave, and much more!

Earth Science for Kids—Tsunamis
Good information about tsunamis, including how they form, why they are dangerous, and interesting facts.

National Geographic—Tsunami Facts: Check Out the Mighty Wave!

Science Kids: Fun Science and Technology For Kids!—Tsunami Facts



                                                       Image: A tsunami warning tower.


National Weather Service—Image—How a Tsunami Works
Diagram and explanation of how a tsunami works.

FEMA—Tsunami Fact Sheet


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)—What Is a Tsunami?
Short description of a tsunami with links to an ocean today video, and the National Weather Service Tsunami Ready site.






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