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Image: Lightning strikes. Photo: NOAA National Severe Storm Laboratory


Department of Homeland Security-FEMA—Know the Facts: Thunderstorms and Lightning

Fact sheet about thunderstorms and lightning and information on what to do before, during and after a severe weather event.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)—Severe Weather 101: Thunderstorms
Lots of information about thunderstorms, severe watches and warnings, thunderstorm life cycle, and more!

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)—Severe Weather 101: Lightning Basics
Information about what causes thunder and lightning.

UCAR-Center for Science Education—Thunderstorms
Description of what causes thunderstorms.

UCAR-Center for Science Education—How Thunderstorms Form
Good explanation of the different stages of thunderstorm development.

UCAR-Center for Science Education—Thunder and Lightning
Description of what causes thunder and lightning.


NOAA-SciJinks-It’s all about weather!-Lightning!

Information about lightning, including How can I stay safe in a lightning storm?


NOAA-Scijinks in a Snap—Lightning
2:51 minute video that explains lighting in a

storm. Ideal for middle school students. Links

to a downloadable poster of the animation in 2


                                                                                              Image: NOAA Photo: Steven Vanderburg

NOAA-SciJinks in a Snap—El Nino and Lightning
Information about El Nino, the jet stream, lightning, and weather.


NOAA-SciJinks in a Snap—How Do You Become An Air Force Meteorologist?
Informative description of how an Air Force recruit who was interested in meteorology became and Air Force meteorologist.

NOAA-SciJinks in a Snap—How Do Snowflakes Form?
Good explanation of snowflake formation.

ThoughtCo.—What Is a Thunderstorm?
Good explanation of weather conditions that form thunderstorms.

ThoughtCo.—How Do Thunderstorms Form?
Good description of stages of thunderstorm formation.

ThoughtCo.—A Cloud Spotter’s Guide to the Sky’s Signs of Bad Storms Ahead
Descriptions of different types of clouds and the weather they may produce. Cloud types include cumulonimbus, anvil clouds, mammatus, wall clouds, shelf clouds, scud clouds, funnel clouds, roll clouds, wall clouds, and asperitas clouds.

Kids Fun Science-What Causes Lightning
Lots of great information about lightning. Including What causes lightning on warm summer days, What causes lightning with the formation of ice crystals, types of lightning, lightning warning signs, How to stay safe so you won’t be struck by lightning, and more.


NOAA-Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Lightning…Nature’s Most Violent Storms
Information about Thunderstorm Life Cycle, What Causes Them?, Tornado Facts, and much more.

National Weather Service—Lightning


National Weather Service—Lightning Safety Brochure


National Weather Service—

Lightning Tips



Image: A dangerous thunderstorm. NOAA Climate Prediction Center.

National Weather Service—Lightning Myths and Facts

National Weather Service—Classes, Games, Slideshows and Links for Kids and Teens
Links to games, coloring books, and info about lightning for kids.

National Weather Service—Lightning Photos

National Weather Service—Infographic—Lightning Safety


Lots of easy-to-read information about thunderstorms with great interactive graphics and diagrams.




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multiple lightning strikes in the night sky reaching the ground
large dark thunderstorm clouds over country road
large lightning strike in the night sky reaching the ground
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