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Pre-Mission Checklist

Checklist of mandatory tasks

to do in advance of your mission date

1.  Complete Recruitment and Scheduling Form 1-3 months in advance.

2.  Schedule a teacher training after receiving notice that you may participate in the research study.

3.  Collect school Letter of Agreement and Teacher Informed Consent.

4.  Participate in Challenger teacher training.

5.  Students return the Guardian/Family permission forms and the student assent forms. Teachers keep these forms and inform Challenger Learning Center about final student count.

6.  Teachers assign unique 4-place codes to students just before all take the pre-mission survey, recording student unique codes on the Teacher Code Worksheet.

7.  All students take the pre-mission evaluation before the pre-mission prep lesson. (Teachers will receive URL via email.) Teachers take their pre-mission evaluation Review Student Survey Timing for when to give the surveys.

8.  Prepare students for the mission using pre-mission preparation lessons. (Requires about 3-5 class periods.)   

9.  Assign students to teams and specialties. Teacher and students view NDH Simulation Specialist Tutorials/Videos and read job descriptions.

    o Disaster Assessment Coordinator (DAC) Specialist Tutorial

    o See: DAC Specialist Description

    o Triage (TR) Specialist Tutorial

    o See: TR Specialist Description

    o Emergency Room (ER) Specialist Tutorial

    o See: ER Specialist Description

10.  Test distance learning link with Challenger’s Mission Control    (See Technology Requirements.)

11.  Set up the classroom for the mission.

12.  ​​Divide the class into two equal groups for the postsurvey per the Teacher Code Worksheet. Student Group 1 takes the postsurvey prior to the sim.  Review Student Survey Timing for when to give the surveys.

13.  Mission Day! All students participate. (Teachers will receive URL via email.)

14.  Student Group 2 takes the postsurvey after the sim. (Teachers use the same URL for student postsurveys as they received in Step 7.) Review Student Survey Timing for when to give the surveys.

15.  Teacher completes the teacher postmission survey. (Teachers will receive URL via email.)

16.  Teacher schedules and participates in debrief conversation (via phone, Zoom, or other method) with NDH staff who will contact you.



      If you have any questions about the checklist, please contact Laura Ondeck at

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